Candied Pecans Soy Candle - Velvet Whiskey Candle Co
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Candied Pecans Soy Candle - Velvet Whiskey Candle Co

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Candied Pecans is a delectable whirl of rich, brown sugar and caramel with hints of pecans, hazelnuts and just a splash of vanilla. This blend will turn any room into your favorite cozy autumn coffee spot, but is just as at home on a cold Christmas morning. Candied Pecans is the tasty dessert scent that will leave you longing for the Fall all year long.

The 10oz candle has approximately an 80 hour burn time and the 6 oz candle has approximately 50 hours of burn time.

Velvet Whiskey Candle Co. is a small, woman owned business based in Southeastern Kentucky. Each candle is handmade with 100% all natural soy to give you a longer, cleaner burning candle! Using soy wax also helps support farmers, and we love our farmers!